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Big Game Hunting

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Hunting dangerous game like the Big 5 is an unforgettable experience - your heart is racing and the adrenalin is pumping through your veins.

Growing up in Big 5 country gave us the necessary knowledge of their behavior and hunting them intensely over the years gave us the experience to guide you on an unforgettable big game hunt. Dangerous game hunting is done on foot on the walk and stalk basis and gives you the opportunity to learn more about tracking, identification and age of tracks, behavior of the animals, hunting techniques, reading the signs in nature like the wind, birds, vegetation and all the other factors that can assist you in getting your trophy. The end result is so much more rewarding and the memories are everlasting.

Professionalism and safety is very important to us and we will make sure your hunt is an experience of a lifetime. Join Madumi Safaris on a dangerous game hunt and get a taste of Africa at its best!

Click here to download our HUNTING PRICE LIST!

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